The establishment of Indonesian Ministries Church of God (IMCOG) resulted from months of collaboration works between the director of Church of God for Multicultural Ministries, Bishop Harvey Turner, and the pastor for International Bethany Community (IBCC) Church of God, Bishop Raymond Pranoto [an active board member of Multicultural Ministries]. The purpose of the ministries is to bring together Indonesian churches in America under the guardianship of Church of God (COG). Right afterward, Indonesian COG’s senior pastor, Dr. Niko Njotorahardjo, and the general overseer of Church of God, DR Dennis McGuire, took the same initiative to establish the ministries.

As the result, an official ceremony was held on May 17, 2008 in Washington, DC., as Indonesian Ministries Church of God (IMCOG), conducted by Dr. Orville Hagan as the Assistant General Overseer and liaison of Multicultural Ministries, was officially inaugurated under the guardianship of Church of God for Multicultural Ministries, and at the same time, officially appointed Bishop Raymond Pranoto as the head coordinator.

IMCOG is established with five members as its primary/head churches – located in the states of California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and the District of Columbia. These five primary churches act as the umbrellas for the other ten satellite churches. With the total congregations reaches approximately 1,000 members, these churches are located in the following cities: Los Angeles, CA., Kansas City, MO., Houston and Dallas, TX., Virginia Beach, VA., Scranton and Harrisburg, PA., Rockville and Baltimore, MD., and Washington, DC.

Isaiah 49:6 is the cornerstone of the establishment of IMCOG as the vision God gave to our church to become light for America and all nations. Indonesian churches will collaborate with Church of God to bless America; bringing the current fire of revival from the native land of Indonesia, with its current ongoing revival movement, to America.

Other Important purposes:
1. To establish unity and family ties among the Indonesian churches Church of God.
2. To promote growth for Indonesian churches Church of God.
3. To represent Indonesian community within Church of God.
4. To open more doors for Indonesian churches Church of God to minister more effectively.